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The Annual New Year’s Resolutions

We are all aware about the annual ritual of New Year’s Resolutions. Whether we think, we need to lose weight, should stop smoking, need to exercise more, or take more time to socialize with family or friends, we tend to drag these goals out until New Year and plan a New Year’s Resolution starting on January 1. And when the month of January comes to an end, we realize, that we probably stopped to work on our New Year’s Resolutions after only a few days.

We have thousands of excuses why we didn’t pull through. But we are not alone, between 80 to 90% of people who set New Year’s Resolutions are no successful. This has several reasons:

  • Setting unrealistic goals: People establish excessively difficult objectives that quickly become unreachable.
  • Lack of accountability: People plan to make significant changes without a coach, a mentor or an accountability partner.
  • No tracking/review: People get started without regular tracking which allows to monitor progress and turn excuses into opportunities.
  • Lack of planning: People overlook, that successful implementation needs planning. Resolutions need to be broken down into small measurable steps.
  • Self-doubt: People have experienced failures in the past which trigger self-doubt of being able to be successful now.
  • Third party motivated resolutions: People set goals and make resolutions because of social pressure.

There are definitely many other reasons, but in the end, the results are the same: We don’t reach our goals or resolutions.

I believe that before we start to set individual goals, we should look at the big picture of our lives first. Most people don’t do that on a regular intervals although it is the basis for a happy life.

Ask yourself some ‘simple’ questions about yourself and your life, which, if you answer them honestly, are often more difficult to answer than expected.  Questions like if you treat yourself with love and care. If your daily life feels right? If you are having a genuinely good time? If you are appreciated in your job? If you live an active social life with friends and family? If you make significant decisions about your life yourself, or if you are rushed through your own life by others, too often out of your own control? It may help, if you discuss these questions with people who are close to you and know you well. When you have satisfying answers to these, you are ready to set goals and make plans for New Year’s Resolutions.

Soon, Thanyapura Sports & Health Resorts in China will be able to support you in finding answers and setting measurable goals. Our team of healthy lifestyle coaches, nutritionists, sport coaches and many others specialists will work with you to establish the right goals and resolutions and will conduct follow-ups on a regular basis so you will be able to achieve them.

With these thoughts, the Thanyapura Corporate Team sends you all best wishes for the Chinese New Year and Health and Happiness for the year of Rabbit.