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Thanyapura awarded “Best Sports & Health Lifestyle Resorts and Hotels Brand”

On August 5, the online exhibition of the 2021 Guangzhou International Travel Fair was held as scheduled, having broken the traditional travel fair exhibition mode and creating the world’s leading digital intelligent “Cloud Travel Fair”.

The State Council has recently issued a notice regarding the five year National Fitness, which made arrangements for promoting a higher level of national sports to better meet the fitness and health needs of the Chinese people.  The notice states to improve the level of health, and to better develop the health service industry and promote the physical and mental health of the people.  With such strong support from the government, paying attention to “sports + tourism” and advocating healthy life styles have become the focus of attention in the post epidemic era.

THANYAPURA which integrates the three major industries of “sports, health and tourism”, has been actively paying attention to and promoting a safe, healthy happy and sustainable lifestyle for more than ten years. As the leader in the segment of sports and health resorts , THANYAPURA has been committed to offer personalized sports and fitness facilities and services, focusing on nutrition and other healthy lifestyle medicine,
and to offer training for the mind all in a relaxed but refined resort setting to optimize people’s lives. THANYAPURA continues to provide first class facilities and related supporting services for people who love sports or just enjoy an active lifestyle.  THANYAPURA’S guests and members are a mixture of professional athletes, families, and members of business communities people of all ages who care about health and happiness.

THANYAPURA participated at the Guangzhou International Tourism Exhibition, presenting its concept of sports and health tourism , and won the prestigious award of “Best Sports & Health Lifestyle Resorts and Hotels Brand”.

“We are extremely proud and thankful that our unique and meaningful concept of developing Sports & Health Resorts and Hotels in China was honored with this prestigious award ”, said Philipp Graf von Hardenberg, Executive Chairman and President of THANYAPURA. “It motivates us even more to collaborate with the right partners to open more of our healthy lifestyle establishments in China!”