One of the many interesting things to observe during the weeks we are hosting the great athletes involved in the ITF Women’s Events held at Thanyapura is the players’ body language throughout a match.

When you watch the majority of these players and those players you see on television, they are always showing emotion with their dominant hand. Players often pump their fist, or slap their thigh with their playing hand. The reason they show emotion with their dominant hand is because the racket is in their non-dominant hand between points.
One of the most important areas to check is to see what they do with their racket and dominant hand immediately following the completion of the point. As soon as the point is over the racket should be in your non-dominant hand, always.
If you are right-handed then your right hand should dangle and relax without holding the racket during the entire time between points. Wipe off the palm of your hand on your shorts, shake your fingertips or don’t do anything at all, but give your arm and hand a chance to relax when the point is over. Traditionally beginners never let go of the grip between points and these are usually the people you see with the most stress throughout their bodies while they are on the court.
Our arms are doing a lot of work when we play tennis so remember to let your hitting hand relax as you walk and wait between points. This will give your muscles a chance to relax to keep them performing better for a longer period of time.
Between Points Routine to Follow:
• Hold the racket in non-dominant hand
• Hold the racket at the throat with the racket head up
• Be aware of your posture (head up & shoulders back)
• Project confidence (even if it is smoke and mirrors), because your opponent is watching you
Happy relaxing between points!


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