PIA Students Set The Pace At Thanyapura SUPERKIDZ Aquathon

(Above) Some of the SUPERKIDZ Aquathon competitors in action at Thanyapura Phuket on Saturday

Students from the Phuket International Academy (PIA) made a powerful showing in the SUPERKIDZ Aquathon at Thanyapura on Saturday (6 September 2014) – chalking up 7 first places in their age groups and a total of 11 placings overall in the age groups and open races.

The place-winners from PIA were:

[column2] Natalya Dougall
Ivan Gorodetskiy
Sam McInnes
Ben McMillan
Shakira Peace
Siam Yapp
Maxime Schrijnemaekers
Saryu Onishi
Golf Sapianchai
Annalis Johnson
Caleb Sadler

[/column2][column2 last=”yes”] 1st place, Female Intermediate 11-12 years
1st place, Male Junior 6 years
1st place, Female Senior 13-15 years
1st place, Male Intermediate 11-12 years
1st place, Female Junior 7-8 years
1st place, Male Intermediate 9-10 years
2nd place, Female Intermediate 11-12 years
2nd place, Male Open 16-39 years
2nd place, Female Open 16-39 years
3rd place, Female Senior 13-15 years
3rd place, Male Open 16-39 years

A total of 159 competitors participated in the latest SUPERKIDZ race, including kids from Thailand, Australia, Russia, the UK, Spain, Iran, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, the Philippines, the Netherlands, the US, Japan, China and Korea.

About 40 children from Muang Thalang school in northern Phuket joined the event, sponsored by Thanyapura’s Corporate Social Responsibility program. Children aged 4-5 years competed free of charge for the chance to have fun, develop their skills and join our future SUPERKIDZ events.

Thanyapura would like the thank all the participants in the SUPERKIDZ Aquathon for making it an event to remember, as well as our staff for making it happen. We’d also like to thank our SUPERKIDZ series sponsors for their important support: SixHat Display Solution, Phuket International Hospital, Class Act Media and Coca-Cola.

The full results from the SUPERKIDZ Aquathon were:

Male Junior 6 years
1 Ivan Gorodetskiy (Spain)
2 Zinzen Oisen (New Zealand)
3 Sean Corley (Ireland)Female Junior 6 years
1. Tegan Sweeney (Australia)
2. Ruby Vidoltte (UK)
3. Nuttaporn Chaiyanan (Thailand)Male Junior 7-8 years
1. Tamino Lokenberg (Germany)
2. Sam Stowe (UK)
3. Trin Tengamnuay (Thailand)Female Junior 7-8 years
1. Shakira Peace (New Zealand)
2. Louise Friedl (Australia)
3. Amelie Twist (UK)

Male Intermediate 9-10 years
1. Siam Yapp (Thailand/UK)
2. Matthew Diamond (UK)
3. Theo Mcintyre (Sweden)

Female Intermediate 9-10 year
1. Prinyaporn Chawaldit (Thailand)
2. Natalie Hunter (Scotland)
3. Olivia Friedl (Australia)

Male Intermediate 11-12
1. Ben McMillan
2. Nazar Zacharov
3. Soranis Kasamesuk (Thailand)

Female Intermediate 11-12
1. Natalya Dougall (UK)
2. Maxime Schrijnemaekers (Netherlands)
3. Hannah Diamond (UK)

Male Senior 13-15 years
1. Piyawat Sarayuth (Thailand)
2. Pakapon Mincho (Thailand)
3. Amir Kalantari (Iran)

Female Senior 13-15 years
1. Sam McInnes (Scotland)
2. Yutmanee Sumen (Thailand)
3. Annalis Johnson (New Zealand)

Male Open 16-39 years
1. Ben Hammond (Australia)
2. Saryu Onishi (Japan)
3. Caleb Sadler (Australia)

Female Open 16-39 years
1. Meredith Bochmann (Australia)
2. Golf Sapianchai (Thailand)
3. Hollie Murphy (Ireland)

Male Master 40+ years
1. Ian Johnson (New Zealand)
2. Laurent Hulot (France)
3. Kitpong Chawaldit (France)

Team Junior 6-8 years
1. Team Cheetahs – swimmer Dasha Kudrina (Russia) & runner Sasha Simkalova (Russia)
2. Team C&T – swimmer Taja & runner Cam Young
3. Team Headstart Panther #5 – swimmer Chayapol Ngernanek (Thailand) & runner Nicholas Baltes (Thailand)

Team Intermediate 9-12 years
1. Team Headstart Panther #1 – swimmer Emmie Parsons (UK) & runner Lucy Mester (Australia)
2. Team Headstart Panther #2 – swimmer Joseph Parsons (UK) & runner Jamie Aagren (Thailand/Sweden)
3. Team KG – Swimmer Yoon Kyung Lee (Korea) & runner Minseo Lee (Korea)

Team Senior 13-15 years
1. Team Muang Thalang – swimmer Chayanut Samutbarn (Thailand) & runner Akkaradeth Uekchat (Thailand)
2. Team T737 – swimmer Vova Vlatimiror (Russia) & runner Sota Neahara (Russia)
3. Team Muang Thalang – swimmer Apisit Supakit (Thailand) & runner Panuwat Yotharak (Thailand)

Team Open & Master
1. Team B&M – swimmer Brooke Langereis (Australia) & runner Michael Dhulst (Germany)
2. Team Headstart Panther #6 – swimmer: Yvonne (Ireland) & runner Paul Kennedy (Ireland)
3. Team Headstart Panther #3 – swimmer Megan Barnum (USA) & runner Tladi Small (UK)

Our next big event for kids will be the Thanyapura Junior Challenge Triathlon, at Thanyapura Phuket on 29 November 2014, part of Challenge Laguna TriFest 2014. We hope to see you all there!


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