Phuket – a triathlete’s paradise

If you think Phuket as a great place for swimming, you are right. If all these curvy hilly roads make you want to jump on your bicycle and just go – just go. If running is more of your thing, there are plenty options for runners and joggers on the island. And if you like all three – running, cycling and swimming, Phuket is easily one of the best destinations for triathletes in the world. Andreas Raelert, world record holder on the Ironman distance, confirms.

Andreas Realert, a German triathlete and Ironman champion, recently visited Phuket to train his body and mind at Thanyapura to prepare for triathlon challenges awaiting him in 2015. Having booked a two weeks stay, a few days later he decided to extend his it by another week. Why? Because, according to Raelert, Phuket is triathlete’s paradise. Here are the reasons:

1. Weather:

“Phuket’s weather it is almost perfect for triathlon training, at least now in the winter. I can train from 6am to 6pm, except for maybe the few hours around noon when it’s simply to hot” says Raelart.

2.The Landscapes:

“It’s green everywhere, you get exited with the views when you train. There are great places to practice open water swimming, the beaches are beautiful, the water is warm and nice,” lists Raelart, apparently enchanted by Phuket’s beauty.

3.The Roads:

“The roads quality is of high standard, and you have plenty of ways to get around. There are hilly sections that are quite tricky and require more effort and skills, but there is always a choice,” explains Raelart, who also feels relatively safe on Phuket roads as long as he goes with the flow and keeps his eyes open and attention focused.

4.The Community:

“When you’re in a new country, in a new environment, it’s great because you gain new experiences. It’s even more true here in Phuket, where the triathlon community is quite big. Training with local athletes is a great source of inspiration for me,” says Raelart, who trained in Phuket with the team of Thanyapura Triathlon Academy

5.The Facilities:

Raelart didn’t just focus on physical exercise during his stay in Phuket. He also took part in mind coaching sessions at Thanyapura’s Mind Centre, taking care of the most important body part for any Triathlete – the brain.

“The facilities here are amazing and not only for the body. Mental training is the most important part of Triathlon training. It’s all about finding your balance, focusing all your strengths on your goal, this helps you become more powerful,” he explained.

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