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Opening A New Phase

Opening a new phase: Thanyapura attended the 2021 Asia Pacific Hotel and Real Estate Cooperation Forum

The 2021 Asia Pacific Hotel and Real Estate Cooperation Forum (APCF), with the theme of “breaking dimension and opening a new phase”, was grandly held in Shanghai from November 2nd to 3rd. APCF is committed to promoting multilateral cooperation and sustainable and healthy development of accommodation, catering, tourism and real estate in the Asia Pacific region, and building a platform for civilization, mutual learning and common development.
At the scene, more than 200 expert representatives from hotel catering, tourism real estate and other industries attended to discuss the hot topics of the industry such as “persistence and innovation, iteration and inflection point, insight and recovery, and high-quality development”. Many hotel delegates expressed their opinions on the new track, new cross-border, new cooperation and new pattern of the development of the hotel industry under the normal situation of the epidemic. Philipp Graf von Hardenberg, Executive Chairman and President of Thanyapura Sports and Health Resort, attended the forum.

Thanyapura integrates the three major industries of “sports, health and tourism”, has been actively paying attention to and promoting a safe, healthy happy and sustainable lifestyle. Today, Thanyapura has become the world’s leading health resort complex integrating hotel, professional sports training, physical examination, mind management and international education. It continues to provide first-class facilities and related supporting services for people who love sports and care about health and professional athletes, leading the new trend of customized healthy lifestyle in hotel service industry.

In the post epidemic era, the world is undergoing great changes, and there are difficulties and challenges in all walks of life. We must actively find ways to break the situation in order to adapt to the new environment. In Philipp’s view, under such circumstances, hotels must “open a new phase” in order to have new development. Since its birth, the hotel industry has been a “people serving people” industry. Interpersonal communication and human touch are particularly important. It is quite common that guests insist on choosing to stay with a same hotel because of service, and good reputation can be continuously spread. On the other side, the hotel and managers need to care for employees and keep them motivated at all times. Then the employees treat guests more warmly and sincerely. All this can not be perfectly achieved only by digitization. Therefore, adhering to “people serving people” on digitization is an idea of “opening a new phase”.

“Carbon peak” and “carbon neutralization” have been constantly mentioned by Chinese enterprises, which not only demonstrates the determination and confidence of the Chinese government in environmental protection, but also puts forward new requirements for sustainable development for enterprises in China. Thanyapura will also bring the philosophy of sustainable development to projects in China. On the basis of adhering to environmental protection, it will also bring this philosophy to guests through hotel facilities and services, spread the philosophy of low-carbon and sustainable development to guests, and protect our community and home together.

As the leader in the segment of sports and health resorts, THANYAPURA will continue committed to provide personalized sports, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle services to optimize people’s lifestyle.