October Update – Gym & Fitness

In this update:

  • Fat Burn and Body Transformation programs launched
  • Cardio Tennis + TRX
  • Introducing the all-new Fitness Assessment Test
  • Chris & A at AsiaFit
  • Feature on Triathlon 220 Australia
  • Coach’s Tip of the Month


Fat Burn and Body Transformation programs launched

The gym team launched the much anticipated FAT BURN and BODY TRANSFORMATION programs in October. After the first month, the guys and girls on board are starting to see some great results. Some solid habits are being built and they’ve also been dripping more than their fair share of sweat!

We want to give a MASSIVE well done to Mark Williams and Steve Whyley for their amazing body transformations. Steve and Mark have collectively lost over 25kg since joining Thanyapura and have made a huge impact on their health and fitness, as well as wellbeing and mental state. Steve and Mark have truly lived and breathed an “Active and Healthy Lifestyle” and feel great for doing so.

Well done from the entire fitness team!

Pat Week 1 and 2

Our hotel guest Daniel booked in for two weeks on our weight loss program and lost a whopping 11 kilograms during his stay here. Our programs offer a one-stop shop for information, and guarantee results. It’s a win-win situation!

You can follow our competition winner Pat’s weight-loss challenge diary on the Thanyapura Facebook Page or on our Thanyapura Blog here.

Cardio Tennis + TRX

The Gym teams up with the Tennis department to offer an exciting variation on traditional cardio tennis. CARDIO TENNIS + TRX is sure to test the players’ stamina, core body control, motor skills and fitness. It is a full-body workout that all attendees can grasp and benefit from.

Classes are on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 5-6pm on the Thanyapura Tennis Courts. This program kicked off on Tuesday, September 30 and will run through until Thursday, December 18.

Introducing the all-new Fitness Assessment Test…


Our coaches say “How can you improve something if you don’t measure it?” For this reason we have launched a fully-rounded fitness test to take strength, fitness, body composition and flexibility into account to give you an overall score so you can assess how you move forward from this point.


Testing is an invaluable tool when trying to achieve any sport, health or fitness goal. Check out our Fitness Test Booklet sample assessment — it’s pretty comprehensive!

Chris & A at AsiaFit

Chris & A attended the Asia Fitness Convention in Bangkok for a solid 3 days of learning about the latest and greatest developments in fitness. The guys came back fully invigorated and full of ideas to improve the quality of classes and personal training we offer. We are excited to improve YOUR experience even further!

Feature on Triathlon 220 Magazine

Triathlon 220 Magazine’s article about Thanyapura Supercamp featured a set of exercises designed by Coach Chris. These are recommended for triathletes to activate their stabilizing muscles as well as their glutes. Check them out below:

Coach’s Tip of the Month

From Coach Chris: Sleep is one of the most important factors when it comes to great health. Without good sleep, the body never gets to recover from the day’s mental and physical stress. This leads to a stressed body that gets worse and worse until it breaks down.

Sleep also releases growth hormone to the blood stream which is vital for burning fat, repairing injuries, fighting fatigue and mental clarity.

For a better night’s sleep, supplement Magnesium 30 minutes before bed to relax the muscles and body. This leads to a deeper state of sleep and better recovery so you wake the next day ready for whatever life and fitness can throw at you.

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