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Let’s Cycling with Thanyapura

In this era of sharing bicycles all over the streets, we will not be unfamiliar with bicycles or cycling. Whether as a daily means of transportation or as a partner exploring the world together, bicycles are more and more closely connected with our lives. There are many kinds of bicycles, such as track bicycles, mountain bicycles, road bicycles, and bicycles motocross. Cycling is becoming more and more popular. Many sports enthusiasts also consider cycling as a healthy lifestyle.

Cycling has the advantages of green and environmental protection when it is regarded as a travel mode. As a sport, it also has a positive impact on people’s physical and mental health. The most obvious is, of course, the enhancement of the strength of the lower limbs. At the same time, other parts of the body such as the arms, abdomen and buttocks are not idle when cycling. Scientific cycling can help people to consume heat, burn fat and lose weight. In addition, cycling, an aerobic exercise, is also of great significance for improving respiratory function and cardiovascular system. In the face of all kinds of pressures and annoyances in life, whether it is riding through the streets and alleys of the city or shuttling through the mountains and countryside, cycling can help people release pressure and regulate their moods.

Thanyapura Phuket Sports & Health Resort relying on the surrounding beautiful cycling environment, experienced professional coaches and various cycling events, has attracted a number of riders to come to the resort to sweat and enjoy a fun vacation while improving abilities with friends sharing same interests. We have created cycling courses and routes for riders of different levels and preferences. We also provide professional bicycle maintenance and bicycle rental services to meet the needs of riders in all aspects. There are many professional riders in various events held from time to time in the resort, which also gives cycling enthusiasts the opportunity to compete with famous riders and promotes riders to constantly improve skills and break through themselves in a good sports atmosphere.

Over the years, the cycling courses and cycling events in Thanyapura Phuket Sports & Health Resort won warm praise from the guests and riders in the resort. In the future, we will also widely carry out cycling and cycling related activities and events in our resorts in China. Especially in some cities with rich cultural heritage, organizing urban exploration cycling can enrich the holiday experience of the guests. Of course, it is essential to provide scientific training guidance and professional bicycle maintenance services for riders. At last, Thanyapura would like to remind all riders to ride in a scientific and moderate manner, and always tighten the string of safety.