July Update – Triathlon

Developments are afoot in the revitalized triathlon program, where head coach Sergio Borges conducts initial consultation with the athletes who come to Thanyapura. This helps him guide them to the best training options, identify areas that need improvement, help balance their lives, and make their stay more enjoyable.

He says, “For the first time we are closely working with athlete’s needs and helping them to develop necessary skills so they can fulfill their goals and dreams – either finishing their first triathlon or winning their age division!”

The triathlon program offers 24 workouts weekly for athletes to choose from. Experience this firsthand at our next Supercamp from 22-30 August. Book in now!

The high performance triathlon program under Paul Amey and sports scientist Tom Topham will soon see a swelling of the ranks as recruitment for elite junior scholarship students gets under way. Children aged 11-16 have been flying in to Thanyapura for elite junior triathlon tests. Following the tests and interviews with the school, we will make a decision on scholarship options for those that have performed exceptionally.

The selected youngsters will be going to school at Phuket International Academy and training (up to 13 sessions per week!) as part of the high performance junior triathlon group. We are excited to build on this group and have many stars for the future.

We have already had some amazing performances by three of the current athletes: Saryu Onishi won the 15-24 year old category at the 113 International Triathlon in Malaysia racing athletes much older. Brett and Kyle Izzo had a hectic travel schedule flying from Thanyapura to Seattle, USA for the first lot of their World Championship qualification process, but Brett’s 7th place puts him in a good position to qualify.

The other athletes on the Team are also about to start competing, and all have had a great block of training and are looking forward to the next lot of races before returning to Thanyapura in August.

Watch out for amateur as well as professional athletes flying Thanyapura colors at Southeast Asia triathlons! More details about the team to be released soon.

SuperKidz & Anyman Aquathon

Thanyapura SUPERKIDZ will host its third Aquathon on September 5 to kick off the 2015-2016 school year. The race distances and race formats are designed for all ages and levels to provide a little challenge and tons of fun.SUPERKIDZ Aquathon and Anyman (adult) Aquathon is a great chance for children and adults to have a crack at the fun distances within multi-sports. Race starts at 8:30am!

In addition to the three big SUPERKIDZ races scheduled each term, the Fun Friday Thanyapura Aquathons will take place on 25 September, 30 October and 27 November at 5:00pm. A Tri Tot category has been opened for athletes aged 4-5 to swim 25m and run 200m.

Register directly at Thanyapura Club Services or online at www.thanyapura.com/aquathon until August 28th.

For more information please email us at events@thanyapura.com

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