Be Happy & Healthy with Partner Yoga and Family Yoga




Partner Yoga not only develops the strength of the muscles and good balance, it also helps increasing the trust between the two.

This style of yoga is perfect to apply with your family. It is not the same as normal yoga, where you usually line up in rows and follow the instructor, but is done by making a circle, getting closer to each other, and strengthen the bond of the family members.

Partner Yoga is great in tightening the relationship between you and your partner whether it is a husband and wife, mother and kid or father and kid. It also helps developing imagination and fun for the children as each pose we’ll make them healthier and quietly nurture to them the love to exercise.

shutterstock_112422365It can also play a good role being a family holiday activity. Try doing different impressive poses with your loved ones on the beach, at home, or at any other interesting places and make a nice shot to share with your friends. It is such a fun and healthy leisure.

The result of doing yoga, regardless of your age, is to create a better personality thanks to the correct way of breathing and to calm body and mind.


As parents, you will find great benefits in Partner Yoga. While doing poses each day, you will see your kids smile and the development of their bodies and health, and you’ll spend time with a quiet breathing and communicate to them with your heart.


The Partner Yoga really reflects the trust between the two especially the Acro Yoga, a combination of yoga and acrobatics, where both sides have to work together to make the pose.

The love, care, and pride of the children can be felt from their parents as well as the support when they fall will make them grow up as a strong person, physically and mentally. We hope you enjoy your family yoga. Namaste

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