Family Yoga: How It Enhances Relationships

Family yoga can strengthen family connections and affection.  Yoga improves a person’s physical development and wellness.  It can resonate with groups of people, especially families.  Its therapeutic values boost relationships as it fosters mutual understanding and emotional support.  Family yoga helps practitioners cope with problems and move forward.

What is it?

Family yoga sessions include a partner or family members, starting with two or more persons.  The practitioners connect their breath and bodies in asanas (yoga poses).  This yoga form is designed to work on everyone’s unique bodies as they vary in age, size and interest.

Hatha yoga is a traditional practice incorporated into family yoga.  Participants do yoga on their own mats but in a collective setting.  Hatha is also practised in partner or acro yoga.  These postures are more playful, intimate and synchronised.  Participants facilitate one another when performing poses.

Family yoga can be challenging but beneficial and fun at the same time.  Its soothing techniques inspire people to feel and appreciate the level of trust, love and connectedness between one another.  It might even fix poor communication.  Family yoga strengthens stress-coping abilities with families who want to respond better in a challenging or difficult situation.  Couples might find improved sexual satisfaction and family functions.

Why Practice It?

Yoga is a body-mind intervention.  We acknowledge each other’s current limitations and circumstances. The discipline teaches us to accept others’ weaknesses and strengths while managing expectations.  Families learn to support one another through mindful exercises exploring healthy boundaries and connections.  Family yoga takes a body-centered approach.  It focuses on feelings, sensations, postures and body movements in developing self-awareness, self-reflection and satisfaction in living.

Who Needs It?

Couples and families who feel frustrated and are overloaded emotionally can learn how methods in dealing with relationship problems.  Family yoga incorporates relaxation and Metta – loving kindness to teach the mind to be focused, healthy and happy.  The practice includes non-verbal communications, as well as effective and mindful communications to help family members work with each other in a controlled environment.

Family yoga reveals behavioural patterns.  The practitioner sees themselves from others’ perspectives to enable them to talk and listen to each other respectfully and efficiently.


Pascha - Yoga coachAn expert in movement-based performance, physical performance, yoga and dance anthropology, Pascha brings with her Master’s Degree in Anthropology of Dance, an International Master Program in Norway, France, Hungary, and England.

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