Recently, I talked about complacency, and how it can short circuit your best intentions in training by lulling you into not performing to your best.  This week, I’d like to talk about how complacency can hurt you in another way…by being good at something!

The enemy of being great at something is being good at it.
Think about it…!  Being good, we are happy. We are comfortable with our success.  This good feeling we have can trick us into taking it easy and enjoying our success…but if you want to reach the top, we need to push through feeling good in order to get to great.  Think about this some more and you can probably remember a friend or competitor that was initially good at their sport but had difficulty rising up to higher levels.  Eventually everyone else catches up to that person and in time, they lose interest in the sport all together.
Good athletes have a lot of habits that help them.  Great athlete’s look for ways to incorporate new habits and continue to improve.
Stress forces our muscles to do work in a new way and this will make us stronger.  Our bodies are very good at adapting to the stresses and learning to work through them better.  Need an example?  Do 20 push-ups each day for two weeks.  Maybe the first couple days you are struggling to hold good form, but by the end of week two, you’ll be able to rip through those 20 push-ups without any difficulty at all.  Feels good!!  You feel like you accomplished something…and this is where good becomes the enemy of great.  To get better, we must constantly push ourselves to do more to improve.
A great athlete works on what he or she is not good at, and then becomes great at everything.
Now that we understand why being good can keep us from being great, we just need to focus on pushing through “doing good” so we can reach “doing great!”  The rewards are worth it, as is the sense of achieving something worthwhile…your goals will guide you on your way, and success will surely follow as you tick off your goals one by one.
Are you good? Or do you want to be great. The choice is yours.
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