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Do You Remember This Year’s Personal Sport & Health KPI?

Time flies. It suddenly turns out that there are only two months left in 2022. I wonder if you, like the editor myself, have set up various sports and health goals at the beginning of the year. “Make the move, Make the move, and I will have eight abdominal muscles this year”, “Say goodbye to snacks and milk tea, and I will definitely lose 5 kg”, “A cigarette after dinner, see the gods as soon as possible. I must quit smoking this year”, “Put the mobile phone out of reach before going to bed, go to bed early and get up early, and insist on eating breakfast every day”, “drown the worries with alcohol will only make things worse. I will never get drunk this year”

At the last two months of 2022, we might as well evaluate in advance of how many personal sports and health KPIs we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year have been achieved, and give a score for our completion. At this moment, you are faced with 90% new running shoes, sportswear that is used as pajamas, and unused fitness member cards that are about to expire. Or you are looking at the sports records in the APP, smile happily at the calories burned this year and your strong body in the mirror, and thinking about where to sweat tomorrow? Do you still smoke and drink every day, and have midnight snack every week? Or have you successfully quit smoking and drinking, eat balanced meals three times a day, and learned several good dishes to show off at any time?

We live in a strange sick world. We can find all kinds of excuses and reasons for our unhealthy lifestyles, such as heavy work pressure, many household chores, and too much brain burning study…… But if we don’t break this unhealthy cycle, this cycle will break us. Thankfully, I can deeply feel that people cared more and more about health and are getting interested in various sports. Take the WeChat Moments as an example. compared with the past luxury private dining boxes, heavy meals, and Chateau Lafite Rothschild and Moutai, people are sharing more of running or riding routes, the length and distance of sports records, and the beautiful scenery along the way.

In fact, the answers to the above questions are not so important. Even so far, this year’s personal sports and health KPI completion is still 0. It is not too late to if you try to cultivate a healthy lifestyle and exercise habits from now on. In order to provide world-class sports facilities and scientific training guidance for sports enthusiasts, create a good sports and health atmosphere, drive more people to develop sports habits, and enrich people’s sports and health holiday choices, the construction of Thanyapura Changshu Sports and Health Resort is in full swing, and is expected to start serving everyone in the end of 2024.

Comparing to most traditional luxury hotels or resorts, excellent accommodations and F&B services are very important, but only the most basic elements for us. Thanyapura is more than just hospitality – it is a Lifestyle Movement. Our goal is to optimize the lifestyles of our guests, members, partners and employees in a healthy and sporty atmosphere, so everyone can be stronger, healthier and happier.