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Wonderful Review-Chelsea FC Foundation Football Camp

The predecessor of modern football originated from the ball game “Cuju” in Zizhou, Shandong Province (now Zibo City) in ancient China. Later, it was spread from China to Europe by Arabs, and gradually evolved into modern football. On October 26, 1863, England established the world’s first Football Association and unified the competition rules of football. In 1900, in the second summer Olympic Games, football was included in the official project. Football is known as the world’s No.1 sport because of its strong resistance, large number of participants, changeable tactics and strong appreciation. Many fans often participate in this sport in person besides watching the game.

Football has many advantages, especially for teenagers. Running, jumping and fighting on the court are particularly important to improve cardiopulmonary function, strengthen muscle growth and improve the overall quality of the body. Because of excessive eye use, more and more teenagers wear glasses in their early ages, and the pressure of study also affects their physical and mental health. Properly putting down electronic products and books and sweating on the green field is also of great help to prevent myopia, relieve pressure and regulate mood. Football, as a team sport, enables young people to make friends on the field and teach them how to cooperate in a team and cultivate their team spirit. It is a particularly important lesson for young people in their growth.


Aware of the charm of football and its various advantages for the growth of teenagers, Thanyapura cooperates with well-known teams and football training institutions, makes full use of excellent equipment and facilities, professional coaching team and unique climatic conditions, and holds football training camps and summer camps in the resort of Phuket, Thailand for many times, providing a paradise for groups of teenagers who love football to sweat and improve their sports level. And sow the seeds of healthy lifestyle in their hearts. Chelsea FC Foundation football camp is one of the most successful cases.

Chelsea Football Club is located in London, the capital of England. Founded in 1905, it is nicknamed “The Blues”. The team is famous for its solid defense and firm spirit. It is the representative team of defensive counterattack in football. In the more than 100 years since its establishment, Chelsea have fought in the top football league in England most of the time and won championships for many times.

In the training camp, young football players of different ages will participate in various fun activities. The training method of teaching in fun can not only maximize the fun of sports, but also improve the training efficiency. They can also make friends with same interests and jointly improve their sports level and cultivate teamwork spirit and sports spirit under the scientific guidance of professional coaches.

At the same time, parents of young players can also find their own good time in Thanyapura sports and health resort, participate in various sports and healthy lifestyle activities in the resort, taste nutritious food and enjoy decompression and healing vacation time.

In the future, Thanyapura will continue to cooperate with well-known teams and professional training institutions to carry out all kinds of camp activities in our resorts in China. Cultivating the young teenagers’ sports habits and healthy lifestyle.