Brand Ambassador Spotlight: Kanjana Dejyuvaves (@RunnerBlogger)

Stories of normal, everyday people turning unexpectedly turning to sports as a hobby shows us anyone can live a healthy lifestyle and do things they never thought they can do.  Brand ambassadors who unintentionally change their lifestyles are the best advocates in convincing those who need a little bit of encouragement.

Khun Kanjana Dejyuvaves has competed in marathons, triathlons and obstacle runs since 2012.  She didn’t initially enjoy running when she started it at age 34, but became hooked on the sport after losing weight.  This lifestyle change came after she had difficulties fitting into her normal clothes.  On her blog, she wrote that she hated running but kept on doing it to optimise her fitness levels.  Running eventually became her lifestyle.

Thai runners from all over the nation get tips and insights from her blog:  Follow her @runnerblogger.

@runnerblogger on Instagram

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