Press Release | Thanyapura signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CGDG Happiness Industry

On December 27, Thanyapura World PTE. LTD. and Beijing Happiness Industry Management Company of China Green Development Investment Group Co., Ltd held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony at the Hilton Wen’an, and the two parties will jointly build a first-class themed healthy lifestyle system in the future. This signing is of strategic significance to the development of Thanyapura in China, and the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages hence achieve optimal cooperation.

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Christmas Greetings from Thanyapura!

The Thanyapura Corporate Team wish you all best for a joyful Christmas.

Eat healthy with Thanyapura

Relevant scientific research shows that eating less food with high salt, oil and sugar, eating more vegetables and fruits, dairy products, whole grains and soybeans, eating fish, poultry, eggs and lean meat in an appropriate amount, choosing a reasonable combination of various foods and regularly arranging three meals a day has a positive effect on eating healthy.

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