Australian Swim Team hosts underprivileged children

Australian Swim Team

When Sally Hunter, of the Australian Swim Team, requested use of Thanyapura’s facilities to host the organization Youth With A Mission for a day of fun we were delighted to accept.

Thanyapura Phuket has often been engaged in community activities, helping improve our world both locally and abroad through our programs and outreach. Which makes for a perfect environment to host organizations such as Youth With A Mission.

  • Youth With A Mission was founded in 1960
  • Has grown over the years to include 180 countries
  • Includes over 18,000 full time volunteers.

The focus has always been to create better futures for underprivileged children with the greatest emphasis being placed on sports.

For children, sports has always been a way for a child of any background to excel not only through natural talent but development of skills that translate both in and outside the sports arena.

Through sports children learn the value of working together as a team in the pursuit of a common goal. They learn that hard work and discipline pay off in the personal growth of the individual.

When Sally Hunter, of the Australian Swim Team, knew she would be coming to Thanyapura in Phuket Thailand  to train with her team, she knew this was not only a wonderful opportunity for her to work on her skills in the pool, but also saw an opportunity to give back.

“Sport is another way of becoming a fantastic role model. You don’t have to come from a different country or have a better family, you could be good at sports and passionate about it and strive to be the best at it.” Sally Hunter

Sally reached out to Tinka And Eduardo Dos Santos who volunteer in Thailand on behalf of Youth With A Mission, as well as Thanyapura, to extend the opportunity for local underprivileged children here in Phuket to spend a day with a professional athletic team. Everyone involved became excited ab0ut the idea and graciously accepted.

When we sat down with Tinka and her husband Eduardo, we learned a lot about what they have done in countries such as Brazil and hope to do here in Phuket.

“We work with underprivileged families and children at risk in all parts of the world. 8 years ago we started a community center in one of the slums in Brazil. It was a very dangerous area and the only dreams these kids had was in becoming a drug dealer or going back to the streets as often it would be safer than their own homes.

So we set up the community center where these kids would come after or before school with hope for a future. We helped them with their school work. Some of them now have jobs and options. We took away the life of being a drug dealer or street child and gave them hope. We are looking to start a project like that here in Phuket.

With sports we want to give them hope. For me I do this because i believe we need to take care of each other. Seeing the smile on these children’s faces makes my day.” Tinka Dos Santos

The kids came to Thanyapura for a day of fun with the Australian Swim Team and left with hope in their hearts. It was a meaningful experience for all involved.

The kids played football on the field with the athletes then jumped in the pool for more fun.

We hope to continue and build our relationship with Youth With A Mission and encourage others to get involved in the community.

Phuket, Thailand isn’t just a beautiful landscape, for many it is our home and we are passionate about building a better future for everyone.

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