Young Triathletes Compete at the 5th Thanyapura Superkidz Triathlon

PHUKET, THAILAND – A total of 85 children ages 4-15 swam, biked and ran to the finish line at Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort, one of the leading training destinations for aspiring triathletes and Ironman champions.  The triathlon began at Thanyapura’s Olympic-sized 50-metre pool, continued with a bike ride and a run to the athletics track and grandstand.

The kids raced in individual and relay teams in four categories.  Top winners in the overall age categories won a customised race suit.


“The race was good.  It was really hot and tough.  It ended with the wind, so it was good.  The cycling was really tough because of the rolling hills.  My long term goal is to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games next year in Argentina.   If I can, I’ll definitely join the next race,” said Russell Liew Yuan Wei of Malaysia, 1st place male finisher (0:38:15) in the Senior 13-15 age category.

“It was difficult and also my first time.  The hardest thing today was to swim, I felt as if I kept on sinking.  Cycling and running were easier,” said Pinthira Thumthitikul of Thailand, 1st place female finisher (1:14:01) in the Senior 13-15 age category.

“This event had a great turnout because there were many athletes, especially with more Thai kids competing with international children.  The swimming pool and cycling route were safe and beautiful.  I’m inviting everyone to get involved in the next kids’ triathlon – IronKids in November,” said Ekkarat “Ricky” Phantip, Head Coach of Triathlon at Thanyapura.

Thai youth from grassroots triathlon club “Born Free to Run” also participated as they propelled themselves to the top three places in their age categories.  Coach Ricky started the group.  It offers free training for local Phuket youngsters and helps them to become future running athletes.

First started in 2013, the Superkidz triathlon continues to attract young triathletes from different nationalities.  Thanyapura runs the Triathlon Junior Development Program (JDP) for kids ages 6 – 15 to prepare future champions for the ITU Triathlon circuit.  The program runs from 24 April – 16 June 2017.  For more information, please email or visit

The next major youth multi-sport event, IronKids, will take place on 25 November 2017.


NameTimeCategoryCategory PositionGenderGender Position
Stirling Franklin0:07:21Tri tots1Male1
Sirinut Toomsap0:07:502Male2
Liam Gouriou0:08:443Male3
Karaket Ellis0:08:22Tri tots1Female1
Renee Liew Li Ni0:14:102Female2
Natcha Damrongchuer0:14:383Female3
Max Pinfold0:16:05Junior1Male1
Skye Sharples0:17:172Male2
Charnkacha Toomsap0:17:393Male3
Ruby Vidotto0:20:15Junior1Female2
Pukjira vinigchainan0:24:442Female4
Nisharat Limsavadwong0:32:053Female5
Lloyd Vidotto0:26:35Intermediate1Male1
Viktor Viktorsson0:26:592Male2
Tanadol Witsarutsin0:27:323Male3
Orakanya Thantharnon0:27:35Intermediate1Female1
Chayanit Dasri0:31:292Female2
Zahra Tait0:32:323Female3
Russell Liew Yuan Wei0:38:15Senior1Male1
Randall Liew Yuan Zhi0:42:162Male2
Sarachai Hapol0:45:553Male3
Pinthira Thumthitikul1:14:01Senior1Female1
Daicylaine Alipio1:29:482Female2


Relay Team TimeCategoryCategory PositionGenderGender Position
TEAM Nathee Nathee Gorton/Mason Holmes/Reece Mckellar0:20:04Junior Team2Male9
TEAM Akira Akira Tait/Mathide Haas Ryffel/Yulia Shevchur0:19:29Junior Team1Female1
TEAM Vivi Vivi Dass/Mimi Michalik/Cairo Wood0:23:53Junior Team3Female3
TEAM Aidan Aidan Dass/Maral Erem/Joel Erem0:32:34Intermediate Team1Male7
TEAM Somana Grace Somana/Chris Somana0:33:18Intermediate Team2Female4
TEAM Born Free To Run Phongsakorn Koommit/Weerapat Waree/Chutima Phonson0:48:35Senior Team1Male4


Pictures show:

superkidz triathlon

Tri-Tots (male): Stirling Franklin (1st), Sirinut Toomsap (2nd), Liam Gouriou (3rd)

Young Triathletes Compete at the 5th Thanyapura Superkidz Triathlon

Tri-tots (female): Karaket Ellis (1st), Renee Liew Li Ni (2nd)

Young Triathletes Compete at the 5th Thanyapura Superkidz Triathlon

Seniors (male): Russell Liew Yuan Wei (1st), Randall Liew Yuan Zhi (2nd), Sarachai Hapol (3rd)


Young Triathletes Compete at the 5th Thanyapura Superkidz Triathlon

Seniors (female): Pinthira Thumthitikul (1st), Daicylaine Alipio (2nd)

 High resolution images can be downloaded here.

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