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Tourism Authority of Thailand


Established in 1979, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) aims to develop and conserve tourism resources and promote travel. Their three main goals are to promote tourism, accommodate tourists and maintain tourist locations and accommodations.

Ministry of Tourism and Sports


The Ministry of Tourism and Sports (MOTS) promotes and develops tourism, sports, education, recreation industries and other governmental services. MOTS drives the economy and sustainable social development projects.

Sports Authority of Thailand


The Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) is a governmental office with goals to drive sports excellence. They provide Thai professional athletes with opportunities to succeed in Asia.  Their mission is to execute policies and regulate sporting activities in Thailand.  SAT also provides guidance and supporting facilities in Thailand.

Sports Camps Australia


Sports Camps Australia was founded in 2013 and is based in Sydney, Australia. SCA partners up with Thailand’s best coaches to organise to host interschool sports games and sporting programmes.


1_non_sporting_events – Training centre White

The FINA Scholarship Programme launched in 2014. It offers financial and technical assistance to elite athletes selected by their National Federation.  In 2015, FINA expanded the programme to Thailand with Thanyapura Health & Sports Resort welcoming the first athletes in Phuket during the “Targeting Rio 2016” initiative, which coached eight swimmers for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio and six swimmers for the 2017 World Championships and the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.



Tri-Alliance is the largest triathlon community in Australia. Based in Melbourne, the company trains over 200 triathletes on a weekly basis under the guidance of eight qualified and experienced coaches.  Tri-Alliance runs triathlon training camps with Thanyapura throughout the year, offering upcoming athletes the chance to train with coaches who coached their students to Kona.

AMA Xterra


Active Management Asia is a sports event management company in Bangkok, Thailand. AMA has over 10 years of experience and ability to organise athletic events (on and off road) since its creation in 2006.  AMA is internationally recognised for putting on events, managing logistics and creating challenging race courses.

Go Adventure Asia


Go Adventure Asia is a professional event organizer providing an array of management services for sport events and athletes, with a focus on running and multi sport events.

Rocket Science Sports


Rocket Science Sports specialises in competition quality apparel and accessories for the sports market, with a core emphasis on technology. Lead designer and CEO, Marcin Sochacki, applies his degree in aerospace engineering and his extensive background in competitive sports to create the product range.

Khao Phuket


Khao Phuket is the Thai language-equivalent of the Phuket News, founded in 2016.

The Phuket News


Founded in 2009, Class Act Media is a Phuket-based media company incorporating newspapers and magazines (English, Russian, Chinese and Thai), radio, television, numerous websites, an online ticketing service and events organisation.

Live 89.5


Live 89.5 is a Phuket local FM and online broadcasting radio station with Phuket-based LIVE announcers.

Drei Franken Tours


Drei Franken Tours offers a wide range of services, from group travel through events and incentives to professional sports trips and training camps.



Ironguides, a Bangkok-based company with over 10 years’ experience coaching athletes of all levels, has been guiding triathletes online – from professional Ironman champions to first-time triathletes.



IronKids is a triathlon licensed by the World Triathlon Corporation for children ages 7 to 15. More than 40,000 children participated in the youth multi-sport since its creation in 1985.

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