Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence – Essential Tools to Succeed in the Corporate World

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Has training become another corporate black box where management has no clue what their investment brings back to their business?

Organisations spend a lot of time and money training their human resources, hoping that it will give them a competitive edge and a better working environment. Studies show that very little of the knowledge acquired through that training is transferred to the workplace. We may ask if training has become another black box in the corporate world where management has no idea of the results they’re getting from their investment.

A training that goes against that statement is in the field of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Researches show that up to 90% of what people learn on emotional intelligence and mindfulness during training is used when they come back to the workplace. This is the type of investment that is accessible and widely used in every aspect of our work and it generates a very high return on investment. Why then do corporations keep investing in technical training with a little return but neglect mindfulness attention and EI?

A possible reason is that corporations assume that we are rational people and that when we come to work we put our feelings and emotions in the fridge or leave them in our car. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We constantly run into conflicts and problems of concentration and attention at work due to negative thinking and undesirable emotions. These get in our way and forbid us from giving all we have but instead functioning at a much lower level than our full potential would allow us to if we understood better who we are and why we tend to overreact.

Mindful Leadership


Beata and Pierre through Thanyapura’s Corporate Mindfulness Program are proposing you a training that numerous studies have valued that 90% of the knowledge acquired is implemented in the workplace. We are proposing you a program that will allow your employees to manage conflict in a healthier way, increase their attention capabilities, make them less stressed and more able to adapt to changes in today’s fast pace world. We are proposing you a program that will reduce your health cost and improve your employees’ attendance at work.

Through this workshop you will get a first-hand experience of what emotional intelligence and mindfulness is and how it will transform your workforce. We will go beyond theories and allow you to realise the immense potential of mindfulness and emotional intelligence for your organisation.


To learn more about the Mindful Leadership Program, please contact: health.wellness@thanyapura.com

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