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About the Mind Centre
The Thanyapura Mind Centre offers teachings in meditation, yoga and related practices to all who seek greater meaning and fulfillment in their lives. The centre also brings these ancient contemplative practices together with rigorous modern scientific methods, including neuroscience and psychology.
Our mind training programmes are open to all year, year-round, and can help to provide vital focus, resilience, and impulse control. Mind training can assist with your physical stamina and also help high-pressure corporate executives, employees, athletes and individuals to enhance productivity and creativity while helping to reduce and manage stress.


 During this retreat, our Mind Trainer Andrea will lead you on an exploration of the theory and practice techniques for developing attention balance.
Mind, Body and Soul is a type of mindfulness training designed to enhance attention by reducing and eventually eliminating subconscious habits of restlessness, and hyperactivity.
The Ayurveda Retreat is designed to help you enhance your awareness by reducing and eliminating the subconscious habits of unnecessary mental speculation.
The 7-day retreat will take place in the beautiful and serene environment of the Thanyapura Sports Hotel Garden Wing and Teaching Hall – a place specifically designed to facilitate the cultivation of attention and contemplation.
Please note that this retreat will be silent.
Our weekend retreats provide a unique opportunity for those who are busy during the week and wish to get away for a weekend of improving focus, control, emotional balance and mindfulness.
With four hours of mind training in small groups each day you can gain an insight into how to manage your mind in everyday situations – no matter how stressful.
Minimum attendance – 7 people

Mind Centre Retreats Prices

 1 Person 2 Person
 Sports Hotel Pool Wing – Suite 52,800 THB 75,600 THB
Sports Hotel Pool Wing – Superior 43,800 THB 66,600 THB
Sports Hotel Garden Wing – Standard 34,800 THB 57,800 THB

Recent Mind Centre Retreats and programmes at the centre have been led by internationally recognized teachers, including:

B. Alan Wallace
Robert Thurman
Matthieu Ricard
Paul Ekman
Roshi Joan Halifax
The Venerable Tenzin Priyadarshi

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